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Ragnarok Record & Replay

Step 1: Alt+V and press "rec" button and type the name you would like the recording to have. Once you have choosen a name click on the right arrow where it says "InputFileName -> Start".

Step 2: This is what you will see when it is recording. You can move this box anywhere you like but it will not be included in your recording so it doesn't matter where you put it.

Step 3: To stop recording click the Stop button. It will show you where it was recorded in the chat log.

Step 4: Once you are done recording press the End button and go to your RO Folder and open CasualRO Replay shortcut.

If it does not open right click CasualRO Replay shortcut and change the location to where your RO folder is located. DO NOT EDIT CasualRO.exe" -Replay. Only change IF you have your RO folder elsewhere, an example would be
"C:\Program Files\cRO\CasualRO.exe" -Replay
I have my RO in CasualRO folder, not cRO. You would then change cRO to: "C:\Program Files\CasualRO\CasualRO.exe" -Replay

Step 5: Once you open CasualRO Replay shortcut you will see a message that says "Do you agree?" just click OK.

Step 6: A Replay File List will open and show you all of your recordings. Select which recording you would like to see and click OK.

Step 7: Once you are watching the replay there will be a menu box on the bottom right of the screen that will allow you to control how the replay is managed.

Use of Characters

Place the clientinfo.xml into your "data" folder.

Binkw32.dll Error

When trying to start the game do you receive the error message: This application has failed to start because binkw32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
Some files may be missing or may have been corrupted during the installation process. To resolve please download the lite installer to replace necessary files. Additionally verify that the 'CasualRO Game Patcher.exe' and 'CasualRO.exe' files are being run from the installation directory. Shortcuts may be made to the files and placed elsewhere, but the files themselves must remain in the directory.

Client Refuses To Start

Whenever you start up the cRO client it freezes on the Harmony logo or the setup pops up and will not go away even when you close it and the game never starts.
Run CasualRO Setup, and disable sound within that program. Click OK and then run the game client. If it STILL continues to stop and close, you may need to update your graphics drivers to their latest versions. Alternatively, you may run the CasualRO Setup and check what graphics handler is being used, and toggle it if there are multiple choices. If one does not work, another might. Make sure you run the programs in Administrative Mode (right-click - run as Administrator).

Game Constantly Closes

After I click the 'Start' button, the game pops up but suddenly closes.
A) Sometimes when you have sound on in the game but no sound equipment hooked up to your computer, the game will automatically shut down without starting up.
B) If you do not have sound on or sound is on but you have sound equipment hooked up, another reason could be warping to another map but you have an out-dated client or the map you warped to is unavailable. Patching your rsu-kro-rag-lite,exe and rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe may solve this issue.

Patching Issues

No matter what you do, you can't seem to patch kRO or CasualRO.
Make sure your cRO folder is NOT read only. If it is, uncheck it and try patching again. Also, putting your CasualRO folder onto an external drive (such as a flash drive or external hard disk) can also fix this problem.
NOTE: If you would like to repatch CasualRO just incase something corrupted, simply remove cROPatcher.dat and repatch using CasualRO Patcher.exe

Setup Crashing

When I make changes or simply exit Setup, it immediately crashes.
Nothing can be done about this, however, your changes have taken affect so simply hit "Cancel".

Unable to connect to server

When I try to log-in I receive the messages above.
Either the server is undergoing maintenance or the server itself has crashed. To check the status of the server to make sure it isn't your firewall blocking the game, check out the "online" stats on the main page. http://www.casualro.com/
If any of the white check-marks ever turn into red canceled out circles, just one, two or three etc, then the server is experiencing technical issues. If all the white check-marks are red, then the server is completely down either for maintenance or the server host is undergoing maintenance. For more details when this occurs make sure to check out the forums for updates.
Alternative Solution
If the server is online and you are still having issues, please check your CasualRO folder, locate your data folder, and delete "clientinfo.xml".

Invalid Authentication

When you run CasualRO.exe or CasualRO Patcher.exe you get the above screen with Korean text and when you enter your information you get the error next to the image above.
You are missing either data.ini or your lite installer/full installer has corrupted.

Teleport Crashing

Crashing when teleporting or my basic information window disappears.
Turn /stateinfo off

Mercenary & Homunculus Crashing

When I use the item Mercenary Scroll or use a Homunculus I get errors saying one or both of the above.
If you get this error you either don't have the AI files in your game folder or they're corrupted. Download here and extract the AI folder and place it into your CasualRO folder.
Make sure it does NOT read C:\Program Files\cRO\AI\AI it has to be C:\Program Files\cRO\AI

Lua Errors

Ai.lua error.png
At points throughout gameplay you encounter an error message similar to that above, with an error box mentioning the LUA files. This includes npclocationradius.lua, ai.lua and other missing sprites.
Download the lite installer and extract the Data.png to your installation directory. If there is already a Data.png, merge the two folders and replace any existing files.

Unknown Item

You have items in my inventory that look like an apple that says (Unknown) or a giant red X.
This means you have not updated your CasualRO since a recent patch or not at all since you've downloaded it. Make sure to run your CasualRO patcher at least twice a week to ensure you're fully up to date.

Unable to move in game (occasionally)

When playing the game RO seems to occasionally not recognize mouse clicks at all. Happens when changing areas, mostly.
Try alt-tabbing out of the game and then back in, should resolve the issue. Otherwise there is no other definite fix for this issue.

Download Continually Deletes

When trying to download the full/lite installer as soon as it completes and you double click to open the .exe file to install it your computer but it says it cannot find the path to the file. Then you also get an antivirus warning that then deletes the download file from your computer.
Because your anti-virus is blocking the exe completely and deleting it, you need to disable your anti-virus and download again. Or you need to put it on the allow list so that it wont repeatedly delete it. After that download again.

Game Setting Issues

My in-game settings won't save.
Create a Data.png inside your game folder and make sure you run the client from the CasualRO Game Patcher. Not launching via the patcher can result in things like hotkeys not saving.

RCX Errors

When the client is opened with RCX, you receive an error saying "PacketLength is not acquirable.", which causes most of RCX's features to not work.
We are unable to fix any errors associated with RCX, as we are unfamiliar with it. However here is a guide that might help. http://forums.irowiki.org/showthread.php?t=33754 Harmony works alongside RCX, however, if you're experiencing errors, it may be unfixable.

Slanted/Blurry Screen Shots

When you try to take screenshots they are either blurry or messed up.
A) Change all the permissions on your computer to admin OR change the permissions of your screen shot folder (Make sure it does not say Read Only).
1.Right click on the ScreenShot folder and go to properties.
2.Then go to Compatibilities
3.Then on the bottom of the box check the section that says: Run This Program as An Administrator
B) If they still turn out the same it might be your graphics card, try changing your screen resolution in the CasualRO set up. Sometimes if you play RO too big it'll take the screens but they'll look blurry and wavy/jagged.
NOTE: If you are unable to adjust the resolution (there are no listed resolutions in the drop down), there is an issue with either your display drivers, or their compatibility with your operating system. There are known issues with Windows 8 Consumer/Developer Preview and specific display drivers (namely AMD cards). If this is the case, please try to update your display drivers or switch operating systems. Another workaround involves editing your registry (Start -> type in "regedit" -> hit enter). Navigate to 'Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Gravity Soft\Ragnarok'. You can edit the 'HEIGHT' and 'WIDTH' fields by double clicking on the respective key. You may then edit the 'Value data' to your desired resolution. Be sure to specify 'Decimal' (base 10) base when you enter the value, as the default is Hexadecimal (base 16).

Blurred Text

Problem: Caused by certain video card/graphic handling types. Is your text blurred like this when you open the game? Follow these steps to resolve the issue.
1. Log in to your character as per usual. Then, press the ESC (Escape) key, and click on "Settings".
2. Toggle the "Trilinear" setting. (If it's ON, turn it off. If it's already off, turn it ON.)
3. Close the game client as per normal. Then re-open it. The text should be fixed at this time. If all else fails, submit a support ticket. (You must be signed into your account to submit a support ticket.) Someone will assist you as quickly as possible! Alternatively, if you're looking for something not mentioned here, try this FAQ by one of our community members. (You must be signed into the message board to view.)

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