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This page is to provide a quick reference to CasualRO's custom enchants. For detailed explanations on each enchantment process and how to obtain the enchants, please see the corresponding page.

Winter Enchants

There are 13 different winter enchantments that are possible to enchant your accessories with.

  • +5% Long Range Resistance
  • +5% Close-Range Resistance
  • +5% Max HP
  • +5% Max SP
  • +5% ASPD
  • +10 MDEF
  • +10 DEF
  • +10 ATK
  • +10 MATK
  • +10 Flee
  • +2,500 HP / +100 SP
  • Enable usage of Level 2 Teleport and Level 2 Warp Portal
  • Enable usage of Detoxify and Antidote

Chess Shards

There are 9 Chess shards available, which can be compounded to a costume robe.

Shard Effect
Shard of Resplendence +20% Heal Power, +3% MATK, -5% Fixed Cast Rate
Shard of Expurgation +10 ATK, +10 HIT, +10 CRIT
Shard of Calamity Low chance to auto-cast Earthquake when attacked.
Shard of Certitude +6 INT, Enables use of Level 2 Odin's Power.
Shard of Absolution -90% Max SP, SP Cost of Skills Doubled, -50% Fixed and Variable Cast Time
Shard of Fortification -25% Max HP, +100 DEF, Resistance to Curse.
Shard of Beguilement Moderate chance to inflict Confusion status when dealing physical damage.
Shard of Despondency Low chance to inflict Masquerade Ignorance, Gloomy, or Laziness when receiving physical damage.
Shard of Fidelity Changes armor to Holy property.

Deathmas Enchants

There are 7 Deathmas Enchants which allow you to enchant a Costume: Lower Headgear.

Enchant Effect
Baal Enable usage of Level 10 Storm Gust. Auto-Casts Level 10 Thunder Storm at 25% chance when dealing damage from Storm Gust. Reduces cooldown of Storm Gust by 4 Seconds
Belial DEX +13, LUK +13, INT +13, Reduce Variable and Fixed Cast Time by 13%, Uninterruptable Cast
Halphas STR +13, AGI +13, VIT +13, Increase Hit Rate by 13%
Lilith +13% Max HP, -13% Max SP
Obizoth +13% Max SP, -13% HP
Ronove Resurrect at Full HP/SP, -13% SP Cost of Skills, +13% Heal Power of Heal/Potion Skills
Zaebos All Stats +13, -13% After Cast Delay
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