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So, you’ve decided to come and join the community of CasualRO. You’ve definitely made a great choice! The server has lots of different ways to keep all types of players entertained: if you’re into PvP, WoE, PvM or MvP. This beginner’s guide is an introduction for new players to the server and old players who aren’t used to cRO’s customisations.

I would recommend that all players get to know the cRO website; there is a lot of interaction that goes on in the website as well as in the game itself.


Main Page

I am going to highlight the main sections of the website that are very useful to most players on the server. You’ll have to explore the rest of the website yourself to familiarise yourself with it!

Top Navigation

Beginners Websitetop.png


The forums are where most of the community voice their opinions about the server, get to know each other and where the GM team interact with the players. Make sure you register and get involved!

This is a very good way to get to know people and to look for a guild to join in game. Most guilds have advertised on the forums so there is a good selection.

Keep an eye on the Player Created Guides section on the forum too, we have some very useful guides contributed from some of our community which will help you get well on you way if you are new to Renewal or have just forgotten where to level! I'd recommend doing the Paradise Group Quest chains first until you rebirth (remember to rebirth before you get to 3rd class, otherwise you will miss out on the transcended class bonuses!) and following this leveling guide for some tips on where to go. Here are some other useful guides on War of the Emperium basics and a guide to the Rewards system here on CasualRO.

Please familiarise yourself with the forum rules too!


Referrals – This is a very useful part of the website and a massive benefit to new players who have been recruited by people who play the server. Make sure you fill in a support ticket and mention your in game name and the player who referred you.

An example ticket
In game name: Miyuko
Referred by: jTynne

It’s that simple, just make sure you do it as soon as possible when you join the server because both you and the player who referred you gain benefits. You will be given a newbie pack.

After a week, the player who recruited you will receive 5 Reward Points, 10 Casual Coins and a 14 VIP Subscription for their account.
Please note that referrals only count to new members of the community!

Make sure you read up about the Faith System, Donations and the Rewards System. They are very useful. I won’t write about them here as the website holds enough information about them!

Left Navigation

Beginners Websiteleft.png

These links are pretty self-explanatory! But the most useful links for all players are the Support Center and the Voting Center.

The Support Center is where you can contact the GM team about any queries you may have.

The Voting Center is the only way you can earn Cash Points without donating. So vote daily and you’ll earn cash points each time you do! Logging in daily also allows you to gain Faith Points which can be converted into Cash Points or spent at the Faith Point Shop.

In Game


Make a level 1/1 novice character. Why? To participate in events of course! Click here to view details about the different events on the server. From most events you will earn Casual Coins which can be used in the Casual Claw Game. There are 175 different official hats, and over 50 other miscellaneous items in it! The CC Machine is located a little bit north of the fountain in Prontera.

Make sure you check out the following sections on the website too: Top Players and Territories

Also if you're not sure on the new stats for the new classes, read the iRO wiki to get an idea on stat changes on your class.

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